At the Karnas Law Firm, we are committed to acting as a steadying presence in the lives of our clients as they face divorce – one of the most difficult legal circumstances most people will ever face. Our attorneys provide knowledgeable and clear explanations of your rights and options at each step in the process, giving you the information you need to make the best decisions possible for you and your children.

If you are facing a divorce or seeking to modify a divorce decree that no longer serves the situation, please call the  Karnas Law Firm today at (520)571-9700 for our Tucson office or (928)723-0088 for our Yuma location.

Considerations During Divorce

The divorce process will provide a framework that will structure your life following the split, as well as the relationship that you will have with your children. It is important that you have the best possible representation by your side.

Our lawyers will guide you through each step of the divorce process, including:

  • Child custody and parenting time decisions
  • Child support and spousal support
  • Division of property and assets

We are committed to protecting your rights, yet working toward an efficient resolution and a decree that will serve your best interests and those of your children.

Divorce Modifications For Your Situation

Over time, the details of a divorce – particularly support and custody issues – may no longer reflect changes that have happened in the lives of those involved, both parents and children. Our firm will help you seek an appropriate modification to your divorce decree so that it continues to serve the best interests of your children and reflect personal changes in circumstances.

One of the most common types of modifications is a petition for relocation. If one parent seeks to move from the geographical area, he or she will likely be required to file a modification that will change custody, visitation and support agreements to ensure that the child’s life and relationship with both parents endures minimal disruption.