In the midst of a divorce, the most emotionally charged questions and disputes almost always surround who will be given custody of the children and how support will be allocated. Each parent wishes to be given the most possible time with his or her child and fears what At the Karnas Law Firm, we understand the long-term implications of these decisions, and we provide representation that will zealously advocate to protect the relationship you have with your children by working for the most possible time spent with them.

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Child Custody In Arizona

The state of Arizona finds it is in the child’s best interests to spend as much time as possible with both parents. It is not always possible or practical, however, to grant equal custody to both. In such cases, the parent providing the primary residence is granted primary custody. The other parent will be ordered to pay child support with the amount depending on certain variables.

Both parents are granted parenting time with the children and decision making is split between the two according to the judge’s discretion.

Child Support In Arizona

In Arizona, child support is determined based on a standardized equation, factoring several variables. This includes custody, income of both parents, time spent with the children and needs of the child.